Thursday, April 29, 2010

Say What? What about the quality of life for children with special needs? Part I

I believe that children with disabilities and/or special needs can have, and deserve to have, the same good quality of life as their siblings and peers. It may be a slightly different quality of life, but nevertheless a good one and one that provides them with all the rights and benefits of able-bodied individuals.

Attitude, motivation and involvement on the part of the entire family can make all the difference in the world to a child with special needs.  All children can participate and partake in family life to ensure their pleasure and happiness even if it means that the variety and severity of impairment(s) for one child may require different care. Children, regardless of ability or disability, should be encouraged to express their wants, needs, desires and goals. I believe humor should be encouraged, particularly in children with special needs, so that they too can experience laughter while sharing in loving relationships at home.

The quality of life provided to a child with special needs may largely depend on the quality of life experienced by the family as a whole. Some parents will often implement their own social restrictions because of, or to care for, their child with special needs. Perhaps finances, living arrangements and outside (or extended family) support may play a role.

Providing the best quality of life possible for our special kids should be easily achieved.  A loving and happy quality for a child with special needs is undoubtedly dependent upon many factors not the least of which is love.

What do you do to create the best possible quality of life for your child?


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